Airborne Special Mission Operation

“Airborne Special Mission Operations” appears to be an abstract term, but it means nothing else than doing non-standard flight operations.

The type of special mission operation that we are focusing on is all the way through related
to collection of information from the air. That can be any type of spatial data but also many
different types of surveillance information. In any case we are taking advantage of the
newest generation of sensor technology.

Types of Special Missions we are involved in but not limited at:
ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance)
Use Case Examples: Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Border Control, Airborne Police
Support, etc.

Ecology Mapping
Use Case Examples: Thermal camera-based inspections flights for leak & waste-water
detection, Algorithm based bird & mammal counting for wind park impact
assessments, solar cadastral for solar energy efficiency assessments, etc.

Fast Response & Exterritorial Flight Operations
That includes support and if wanted greater responsibility for any type of flight
operation far abroad and with extremely high demands on preparations, logistics and
Use Case Examples: Disaster monitoring & mapping, high turn around data cycle and
processing, onsite situation assessment and preparations.

Traditional Mapping
Standard aerial survey for collection of any type of spatial data.
Use Case Examples: Cadastral application, Ortho photos, 3D Model, LiDAR Point
clouds, etc.