Aircrafts & Crew

Inside the aerial survey industry both can be a dilemma, recruiting staff with experience, and finding the right aircraft being available at the time when you need it, potentially even with sensor included.

Under the pressure of high competition, intensifying regulations and a remuneration which is not moving in the same level, it became a challenge maintaining a certain growth, efficiency and especially safety without compromising any of those. On top comes Covid-19, which adds additional complexity.

During years working in that industry, dealing with all those challenges, GALG build up a network which covers the majority of the needs and allows helping different parties each other.

If you are in lack of staff with a certain experience, rating or training, feel free contacting us. We can help with nearly all EASA and FAA Pilot-requirements, including FI, C/TRI and / or C/TRE depending on the type of license. This goes as well for your potential need of airborne sensors and platforms.

The aerial survey industry is very small and it?s much more beneficial for everyone to cooperate behind the scenes instead of competing all the way.