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MICE & Specialized Voyages

MICE & Specialized Voyages

Travel consulting is a very complex topic, especially when it involves large geographic ranges and very international customers. Customers often desires either a very wide spectrum of activities & impressions, or having very specific wishes and demands.

Additionally Covid-19 has a massive impact on travel options, regulations and the travelers behaviors as such. It literally puts the world upside down and creates a totally new demand on how journeys and adventures being organized and kept flexible.  

The Global Assistant & Logistic Group is well prepared with a great team to support you with your individual trip planning and all necessary preparations, even in pandemic times. Our staff & partners on-site will make sure that your adventure and / or event runs smooth, as planned and even a bit better than expected. Primarily we offer dynamic packaging, which makes us able fitting the trip to your schedule and as much as possible to nearly unpredictable circumstances.

Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions (MICE)

Company events are a great way of giving your team a well-deserved reward, doing a study tour or, a new way of team building. Such trips become more & more popular and especially in those days many companies did realize how important this is for team building & motivation. Incentive driven trips been proven as a one fundamental trigger for a reinforcement of a company’s success.

This is only a small preview of options we can make available for you. In general our programs & itineraries are driven by a lot of creativity and the strong desire to make you experience something different.